[Web Event] Let's rear some slimes! "Slime Paradise" is now officially open for business!

On one fine day, in a certain place in Mondstadt's wilds, a mysterious paradise silently emerges...
Welcome to Slime Paradise! Purchase decorations to adorn the paradise with and win Primogems, Mora, and other rewards!


〓Event Duration〓
2021/1/22 – 2021/1/31 23:59 (UTC+8)


Adventure Rank 10 or above


〓How to Participate〓

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〓Event Description〓
During the park's dates of operation, Travelers can purchase decorations and arrange them in the park.
Certain decorations will attract certain slimes to move in and certain monsters to visit the park. The more decorations you purchase, the more lively the park will be!


★Paradise Coins

You'll need to spend Paradise Coins to purchase things in the Decorations Shop. Earn Paradise Coins by completing daily tasks.


★Paradise Tickets

You'll need to spend Paradise Tickets to purchase things in the Rewards Shop. You can obtain Paradise Tickets in the following ways:
1. By completing certain event tasks.
2. From decorations: After purchasing a decoration, it will begin generating Paradise Tickets at a designated time each day starting on the next day. Designated time: Daily at 00:00 (Server time).
3. From monsters: Monsters will come to visit the park every day. Each time a different kind of monster visits for the first time, they will bring you a greeting gift of Paradise Tickets.


★Gallery - Photos
If you purchase decorations and visit the park frequently, you can collect different photos.


Travelers can exchange Paradise Tickets for Primogems, Mora, and other rewards at the Rewards Shop.
The Rewards Shop will be open for the same duration as the event. It will be unavailable once the event ends, so don't forget to claim your prizes on time!


〓Things to Note〓
1. You must purchase the right decorations to attract specific slimes to move in and specific monsters to visit. Pay attention to the decoration descriptions for clues!
2. When a slime moves in, it will stay at the park for the rest of the event — they simply don't want to leave!
3. Visits will refresh daily. When a guest visits, they will stay in the park until they leave the next day. (When you have a new decoration that attracts a new kind of guest, that kind of guest will visit first the next day.)
4. All of the daily tasks, visitor events, earnings, and monster visits referred to in these rules refresh at 00:00 daily (based on the time of the server your character is on). (Asia: UTC+8;America: UTC-5;Europe: UTC+1;TW, HK, MO: UTC+8)
5. The events that occur in this web event are not related to the main story of the game in any way.
6. Please take note that the PlayStation®4 version of this event will be released at a later date due to issues with account mechanics. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, Travelers.

Travelers, please note that if you are taking part in this event via a third-party platform, you must link your miHoYo account under "Account Management" to ensure smooth participation in the event.