Event Wish "The Heron's Court" - Boosted Drop Rate for "Frostflake Heron" Kamisato Ayaka (Cryo)!

Travelers, stock up on weapons and characters in the event wish to make your party stronger in combat!


〓Event Wish Duration〓

2022/04/19 18:00:00 until the end of Version 2.6


〓Event Wish Details〓

● During this event wish, the event-exclusive 5-star character "Frostflake Heron" Kamisato Ayaka (Cryo) will receive a huge drop-rate boost!

● During this event wish, the 4-star characters "Wolf Boy" Razor (Electro), "Thorny Benevolence" Rosaria (Cryo), and "Mujina Ninja" Sayu (Anemo) will receive a huge drop-rate boost!

※ Of the above characters, the event-exclusive character will not be available in the standard wish "Wanderlust Invocation."

※ This is for "Character Event Wish." The wish guarantee count for "Character Event Wish" and "Character Event Wish-2" is shared, and is accumulated between both "Character Event Wish" and "Character Event Wish-2." This wish guarantee count is independent of the guarantee counts of other types of wishes.

※ The "Test Run" trial event will be open during this event wish. Travelers may use fixed lineups containing the selected trial characters to enter specific stages and test them out. Travelers that complete the challenges will receive the corresponding rewards!

※ For more information, go to the Wish screen and select Details in the bottom-left corner.

※The countdown that appears on the interface of event wishes and the Test Run event is not the definitive end date. Please refer to future announcements for the version update time.