HoYoLAB x Google Play x YouTube Premium Event: Wanderer and Arataki Itto are Here Take Part in the Topic Events to Win Primogems


Hello Travelers~
This time, we'll be meeting the Wanderer and Arataki Itto! Come take part in the discussion events~

Rewards Topic 1
"Wanderer" is how he believes he might be best described — he has no home, no kin, and no destination. Ordinary folk will never get to know him. Are you curious about the Wanderer? Use the event topic to ask him some burning questions you may have!

Rewards Topic 2
#Boss of the Arataki Gang
An intrepid man with Oni blood running through his veins, Arataki Itto is here to meet everyone again! Itto REALLY likes beetle fighting, so the question is: is there a hobby that you have always been passionate about? Use the event topic to share your hobby with Itto~

How to Participate
1. Use the topic #Wanderer and post the questions you want to ask the Wanderer.
1. Use the topic #Boss of the Arataki Gang and post a hobby that you are passionate about.
P.S.: Simply select one of the above two event topics to publish a post and your participation will have been deemed successful.

Event Duration
December 7, 2022 – December 14, 2022 23:59 (UTC+8)
Results: The list of winners will be updated in this event post on December 21.

Event Rewards
We will randomly select 200 Travelers who successfully participated in the event to receive Primogems ×60 each.
In addition, everyone who successfully participates in the event will receive a "Character Topic Event-Exclusive Avatar Frame" (30 days).

1. Please go to My Information > Information Management > Game Information Management > Genshin Impact to fill in your Genshin Impact UID ahead of time. If winning Travelers have not filled in their UID after the results are announced, they will be deemed to have forfeited their Primogems reward.
2. Each user has only one chance to win a prize in the event. If a user has multiple winning posts or posts multiple posts, the post with the highest number of comments will be selected by default to participate in the event.
3. The following will be regarded as invalid submissions:
a. The content of the post or the comments violates Community Rules, or plagiarized, or misappropriated content from other authors.
b. Publishing content unrelated to the theme of the event, content that contain any form of advertising, and those which seek to spread malicious rumors or discredit the game and its characters.
c. Not posting under the official topic or posting under other unofficial topics with the same name
4. After the list of winners is announced, if the winner deletes the post of the winning work, the winner will be deemed to have voluntarily forfeited their prize.



HoYoLAB, Google Play, and YouTube Premium are collaborating to bring Travelers more benefits!


1. In-Game Rewards
Redemption Code: 2T9AUV3YPV49
Redemption Code Content: Adventurer's Experience ×10, Mora ×10,000, Fine Enhancement Ore ×5, Sweet Madame ×5, Tea Break Pancake ×5
Redemption Code Valid From: December 7, 2022 00:00 (UTC+8)
Redemption Code Validity Expires: January 17, 2023 23:59 (UTC+8)

>>> Redemption Code Page <<<

2. YouTube Premium 3-Month Free Trial Period

Eligible Countries and Regions
United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Netherlands

How to Participate
1. If you are in the eligible regions, leave a comment on this post during the promotion period and your participation will have been deemed successful.
2. Event participants will receive the link for a three-month trial of YouTube Premium via HoYoLAB messages within a week of the end of the event. You can click the link to collect the event reward.

1. This offer applies to new users only, and is only available to customers who are not current YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium, have not been YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Red, or Google Play Music subscribers nor participated in a YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google Play Music, or YouTube Red trial before.
2. At the end of the trial period, you will be automatically charged the standard subscription price, unless canceled. You can cancel your trial at no charge at any time before the trial is over. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, discounts or referral programs. Promotional value of offer non-transferable, not for resale, and not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent.
3. The offer is only available to players in eligible regions.
4. Each link for YouTube Premium trial subscription can only be used once and the offer must be redeemed by May 31, 2023 23:59 (UTC+8).

Terms and Conditions
New YouTube Premium subscribers only. Terms and conditions apply. Full terms HERE.




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