Seize the Day - Daily Login Event

Log in on seven days during the event to win rewards!


〓Event Duration〓
2020-12-01 04:00:00 - 2020-12-16 03:59:59


Adventure Rank 5 or above


〓Event Details〓
Logins: 1 day
Hero's Wit ×3


Logins: 2 days
Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6


Logins: 3 days
Primogems ×100


Logins: 4 days
Mora ×50,000


Logins: 5 days
Hero's Wit ×5


Logins: 6 days
Mystic Enhancement Ore ×10


Logins: 7 days
Primogems ×200

(Above times are all displayed according to your server time.)
Note: Different servers do not have the same server times. Travelers, please take note of the difference between server times and the time in your own time zone as follows:
America: UTC-5
Europe: UTC+1
Asia: UTC+8

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