Inazuma Travelogue

  As a sailor, my dream has always been to explore all the regions of Teyvat. I haven't been on the fleet for long when I wrote this note. I was on the deck of the Black Ignis, headed towards Inazuma at the time. I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but this is my first time at sea. I felt overwhelmed facing the raging storm. The Chief Mate, Tongsheng, didn't seem particularly talkative, but he taught me a lot about sailing. The old sailor that lived with me told me many tales about Inazuma in his spare time. I wrote all these stories down to pass the time during the long voyage.

  Inazuma, the land of eternity. It is said that the sea surrounding Inazuma is engulfed by storm and tempest. To break through the thunderstorms, one must rely on a fleet of experienced sailors and the strongest ships. But once you pass through the thunderstorms, Inazuma is surely a sight to behold. The first time I heard about it, I thought the sailors were exaggerating the storms to brag about their experiences. But yesterday, I experienced the impact of the violent thunderstorms and I must say, it is not easy to make a living on the vast ocean. This made me more fascinated with Inazuma. I must say, after being on the water for so long, I miss life on land and the feeling of my feet on soil. I miss the musky scent of the earth. But if I had to choose again, I would not hesitate to step back on deck. After all, life at sea is so much more interesting than the day-to-day life, and there are so many unknown areas to explore and stories to be heard.

  It is said that the customs in Inazuma are very different from those of other countries. Unlike Mondstadt or Liyue, Inazuma is located in the distant sea and consists of many islands. There are several small islands scattered around the large islands, and the people on those islands rely heavily on ships to communicate with each other.

  We are currently sailing towards Ritou, that is part of Narukami Island. Inazuma City is located on Narukami Island. Cherry blossoms are planted all over this island. In the season when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the petals are like clouds. When walking underneath them, they will fall like rain and you will soon notice you are covered in cherry blossom petals... The old sailor proudly showed me a painting of a Shrine in Inazuma. It showed that it was his meticulous work. The blooming cherry blossoms are indeed unforgettable.

  Ritou is the only way to enter Inazuma for outlanders. Before stepping onto Inazuma, you must go through the administrative formalities with the Kanjou Commission, or you might run into trouble. The old sailor said in a serious tone that made me think he must have had experienced it before. But once you enter Ritou, you can take a breather and enjoy the atmosphere and customs of Inazuma.

  After being on the sea for so long, I long for food on land. Looks like there are many specialty cuisine in Inazuma? The old sailor described to me an Inazuman dish called Sakura Tempura: golden and crisp on the outside, but with a faint fragrance of cherry blossoms. When you bite into it, the shell is fragrant and crispy, with a delicious filling. Having said that, the old sailor swallowed and I felt a little hungry myself. I looked forward to Inazuma that much more.

  It's time for me to get back to work on deck, my note today shall end here. There is a faint rumble of a thunderstorm in the distance. I've heard that the Raiden Shogun is responsible for this. I guess there must be a reason behind it. If you have free time, talk about the old tales of Inazuma with the old sailor. I think the stories are very interesting. I still have a small bottle of treasured wine in my bag, which would be perfect for a time like this...